LGCRC Food Service Worker

Lake Gregory · Crestline, California
Department Lake Gregory
Employment Type Part-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level
Compensation $14 - 15/hour

      Job Title: 

      LG Food Service Worker




      Food Service


      Part-Time, Non-Exempt

      Reports To: 

      Food Service Coordinator




      The Food Service Worker champions the experience of the guests and staff through food/beverage preparation and service in the Lake Side Grill and other food/drink venues.  The Food Service Worker is primarily responsible for preparation and serve-out of food items at the lake with an emphasis on high quality, safety, and excellent customer service.

      Essential Functions

      1. Follow all applicable procedures in the Lake Side Grill and any other food/drink venues
      2. Keep the food area in a clean and orderly condition to at least meet or exceed all regulatory standards
      3. Assist in opening and/or closing procedures 
      4. Take food/beverage orders, assist in food preparation of items, and serve completed orders

      Additional Functions

      1. Use cash register and follow all cash handling procedures accurately
      2. Provide guests with an excellent experience by what and how they are served 
      3. Other duties as assigned by supervisor

      Major Competency Areas

      1. Ability to accept guidance and supervision
      2. Ability to work as a positive team member
      3. Ability to work well under pressure while maintaining a positive attitude and excellent customer service 
      4. Organizational strength and the ability to work quickly
      5. Ability to handle cash and recording procedures with accuracy


      1. Excellent character, integrity, and adaptability
      2. Current food handler card from San Bernardino County
      3. Agreement with Lake Gregory Staff Handbook
      4. CPR and First Aid Certifications

      Physical Demands

      1. Ability to stand for long periods of time
      2. Must be able to lift 50 lbs 
      3. Ability to work in a warm food prep area
      4. Abilities sufficient to carry out essential functions of the job

      Task/Activity List for Food Service Positions

      Walking and standing for long periods of time

      Walking forward and backwards while carrying items, sometimes on wet floors

      Lifting and carrying:  materials and supplies, chairs, tables, boxes (sometimes up to 50 lbs), sometimes heavy pans, stacks of dishes, food trays, crates, etc.

      Loading and unloading dishwashing machine

      Using a step-ladder

      Activities and tasks in the kitchen may include (but are not limited to) the following:

      Wiping tables and counters

      Scrubbing pots and pans


      Bending over






      Climbing/Descending stairs




      Carrying boxes, sometimes heavy

      Putting away stock and food on shelves

      Carrying heavy pans from stove-oven-prep table to serve out lines

      Breaking down boxes

      Lifting trash bags (sometimes heavy) out of trash cans and taking them to dumpsters

      The kitchen can have extreme changes in temperature from one area to another:  hot ovens and stoves, cool refrigerators, freezers.  Sometimes food service workers are going back and forth among these extremes in the course of their duties.  This list is not exhaustive.  Working in a kitchen can be very physically demanding.

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      • Location
        Crestline, California
      • Department
        Lake Gregory
      • Employment Type
      • Minimum Experience
      • Compensation
        $14 - 15/hour